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Born Digital Information

After researching for the digital history essay, I came across information which I had never really considered before. As a historian I am focussed at looking into the past, taking little interest into the future of the profession. But this is one area I have really been opened up to during the current module. With this I have been introduced into the concept of ‘born digital’ information, which I feel will realy revolutionise the study of history. With recent technological advances, most if not all correspondance between people is completed over digital platforms, meaning that we will have no physical evidence of these if they are not preserved. This is going to change the way archives are put together when considering the study of modern history. There are going to be more and more digital archives introduced, one of which is the http://911digitalarchive.org/, which looks to compile digital information which relates to before, during and after the terrorist attacks of sempter 2001. There are however numerous problems with the study of born digital information. How are we going to change our research techniques to enable reliable history projects which take into account these sources. Are we going to have to try and preserve every text message sent by our prime ministers, or compile internet history records from all members of parliament to make an informed decision as to why decisions were made. This subject really intrigues me as I feel it will change the way historians are viewed in coming years, and one which needs further consideration.


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