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A Digital Historian

This is my first attempt at creating a blogpost and I suppose I should inform you as to how i got here. I am currently studying towards a History degree at Hertfordshire University. Whilst applying for university I had my heart set on a sport psychology course, with a vision of becoming a world class football coach, a dream which changed with the realisation that it was a sector which had very little oppurtunity for work. Being that the benefits of a degree in the area would not give advantage over experience. So here I am having chosen a more academic degree to pursue, after two years of student life, with seemingly unendless research and referencing of essays I have finally found blogging to be a useful part of my degree. One of the current modules I am studying is focussed upon Digital History, a subject I am a complete novice in. In this blog I shall inform you as to how I am finding the course, and will try to educate you with the information I have been learning. It seems strange to be able to speak in first person when writing for a university course, but that is the beauty of blogging in relation to a degree. It seems to give you a different use for your research, one where you can be formal and create an unedited view of the world. No need to proofread or be critical of writing style. Its a freedom which can only be realised when you enter this online world of history. But this is also the downside of using internet sites and blogs in relation to projects, they do not give you that aire of reliability that comes with a dusty book found in the darkest corners of a library. For instance I could say that the Battle of Hastings took place in 1966, and some unsuspecting amatuer historian could take that for being truth, not to say that I would be using this to mislead on misinform but I am just highlighting a point. However for this module we are actively encouraged to find and analyise these online resources we are told to stay well away from. This course seems to have engaged me thoroughly with the technology available at your fingertips. I would recommend it to any current or future history undergrad as I see History having nowhere else to expand, other than onto the internet and this really represents the future of History research and projects. With the explosion of crowd sourcing on websites such as wikipedia and history pin I really can see the beginings of a rise in popularity of History online.


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